BES Client Helper Deployment fails

Hey guys,
I am really new here, but we have been using IEM for a little over a year. We have not received any official training on it, so I don’t know too much.
We are trying to deploy the BES Client Helper service (the service has been activated on the tivoli server) but we are getting an error in the download process. If gives a Download error: “Unexpected HTTP response: 503 Service Unavailable”

Can anyone help with this?

Also I don’t really know what topic this would fall under

Not directly related, but for what reason are you deploying the BES Client Helper service?

Modern Windows OS’s will restart the client if it fails so thats the major reason I know of for some people using it.

We have a bunch of computers that keep appearing as offline. But all we have to do is restart the service and they come back on. We are running on windows 7 machines

The default install on Windows 7 is to restart the client up to 3 times using the service manager itself. I think you should start looking at evaluation times as I bet the clients are running but the evaluation loop is just taking more time than your greying out in the console time

That’s the problem. The service is still running, but the console reports them as offline. As soon as I restart the service it pops back up

If you send them a force refresh (only do one to test) does it return?

If so then you should create an analysis of

average duration of evaluationcycle of client

which will show you how long your clients are taking to get through their content. If this value is longer than the console grey out period then you can see why it would grey out and then you can look at why its taking so long.

And the BES Client helper service won’t help if the client is still running.

Additionally you could take an action to the endpoint (even a blank one) and see if it can process it

Can you walk me through how to do this? I am extremely new to this