BES Client deployment via Active Directory

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We are trying to deploy the BES client to a network segment that is behind a firewall. We have added port 52311 for TCP/UDP allowed inbound/outbound traffic, but continue to get an error on the deployment stating the network path not found. Is there another port used for client deployment? I’ve also tried using a list of computers to deploy to, instead of AD, and that also failed.

We have one system currently deployed to this segment that had the client installed prior to being delivered, and it is communicating properly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Hi Ethan,

TCP 52311 is required for the agent to work properly, but to deploy the agent using the Client Deployment Tool you need to make sure that Microsoft RPC is open and you can access the remote shares. Perhaps it is easier to copy the client deployment tool into the isolated network segment and run it from there?


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Thank you Ben. That was the solution I was looking for.

I was unaware I could simply copy that folder to another subnet and install the clients from there.