BES Client Deploy Tool

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Does the client deploy tool have a lifespan? Do you specify the lifespan? Is it indefinite? That is, once configured, does it deploy to everyone specified during that exact moment, or does it constantly search for clients to install based on the membership criteria (for instance, an OU within AD)?


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Hi amartinas,

The BES Client Deploy tool will go deploy the agent when you run it… So it doesn’t really have the functionality to monitor a network and deploy the agent when new systems appear.


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to ensure i understand correctly, the deploy tool requests authentication (for use when installing to systems), then it uses some criteria (e.g. a non-updating snapshot of computers, wether from AD or manually inputted) to push the client, but from there (only in regards to the deploy tool, not 3rd party installation solutions i.e. logon scripts) the tool is one time use.

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I think that is right… You can always refresh the tool to see the latest set of computers, but the BigFix Client Deploy Tool will only run as lng as you have it open.