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not sure how to do this, but this is what I’m looking for.

I would like to have a 3rd party process that does server monitoring have BigFix initiate a task to restart a service on an endpoint, when the tool find that the service is hung.

I was reading around and found the BES Platform API. I tested it and was able to create a new fixlet via an xml file, but I want to be able to take an action instead. I guess the work around would be to just have a policy action always running looking for a specific file that contains the target client name and the service name, but I thought the API would be better.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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My suggestion is to use a scheduled task on the endpoint to periodically check the service instead. I don’t see much advantage to doing it via the 3rd party process and the BES API. Personally, I think having a policy task (as you suggested) would also be better than using the API.

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no, the 3rd party process runs on a seperate server and monitors hundreds of other servers. When it sees that a service is stopped, it shoots off an alert. Instead of shooting off an alert, I want it to start an anction within the bigfix console that restarts the service on the failed endpoint.

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You can import actions with the platform api too…

Make the action the way you want it, and export the .bes file (right-click on the action)… then you can have your third party tool change the .bes file (for targeting) and import the .bes file with the api…

If you have the API working now, this should be easy…


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thanks ben. I’ll give it a try