Baseline relevance

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Is it possible to write a relevance for a baseline that will only be true if another baseline is no longer true? I have a scenario where we would like to be able to run 80+ patches which are grouped as a baseline before the second baseline (also 80+ patches) is run. I know I can grab the existing relevance script from each patch of the first baseline, negate it and add them to the relevance of the second baseline but with 80+ patches this could be a nightmare. Also if the patches within the first baseline changes that completely screws the relevance script.

I thought of writing a flag file as the last action but this does not cater for scenarios when components of the baseline fail

Is there a way I can just check ‘if baseline A !relevant’ run baseline B

Thanks for your help.


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Hi Sheldon,

By design you can’t refer to one Fixlet/Baseline state in another Fixlet/Baseline’s relevance (because it could lead to “flipping relevance” in certain situations).

If you need to do this, you would be best off making one big baseline (160 Fixlets is bigger than recommended for optimal agent responsiveness, but if you are using 7.0 with “efficient mime” enabled, it would probably be OK).