Baseline (adding SW Dist tasks to one) --> not relevant issue

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I am deploying a baseline to test machines which consists of the following:

MS07-064 (fixlet)

MS08-001 (fixlet)

KB883667 (Software Distribution Task)

The issue I have is this, when a machine with none of these policies has this BASELINE applied to it, it installs the 2 fixlets, but the SWD Task (883667) is stated as NOT RELEVANT.

However, the patch is not installed, and if I go to the TASK itself, it states the machine is APPLICABLE. If I then just deploy the TASK To the same machine as a stand-alone action, i.e. independently of the BASELINE it installs perfectly.

This is a wierd one. Is there anyway to troubleshoot the client, I cannot find anything in the documentation we have.

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Hi jools86,

This might be similar to this post:

Edit your baseline and for your software distribution Task check the box “include relevance in baseline” and see if that addresses your issue.


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Recreate all tasks as fixlets and add fixlets only to your baseline. They will start working.

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Ben’s solution in comment 2 will work too.

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We’ve experienced the same thing. Is this something that will be addressed in a future release. It would seems as if the expected functionality is not the actual functionality.