Baseline Action hangs on Evaluating

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We are deploying a baseline and have noticed an increase in the number of machines which are reporting back as ‘Evaluating’ for a number of hours with no change in status.

The fixlet evaluating is MS06-033: Vulnerability in ASP.NET can could allow information disclosure - Net Framework 2.0.

If this fixlet is deployed on it’s own it successfully installs.

We are running v7.0.9.110

Obviously we can take this fixlet out but wondering if this is a trend or issue with .Net Framework patch deployment?

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Hey burdenuik,

Couple questions:

  • Do the agents seem to be healthy in all other ways (they run actions and report in happily)?
  • Do you restart immediately after your baseline?
  • Is it the overall baseline action staying at “evaluating” or is it the specific Fixlet action in the baseline?