Automatic Group - only domain member PC's show up

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I have a automatic group = “IP address – Contains – 192.168”

When I install the Client to computers that are members of our Active Directory domain they auto populate in this group just fine. However PC’s that have that IP range that are not members of the AD domain they do not show up in the automatic group. I have to manually add them to a manual group.

Am I missing some painfully obvious rights issue somewhere?


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Hi Brian,

Active Directory should have nothing to do with this particular grouping property so I have no idea why there is a correlation there. But I think this needs someone to investigate more. Can you please start up a support case to resolve this?


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just to follow up, the issue is that I am not a master operator. The group I created needed to be created from a Master Operator account. Once the auto group was deleted and recreated we were in business!