Auto-Remove Duplicate entries from baselines

(imported topic written by Vosh)

The subject line sums it up. Please add a button or simply disallow duplicate fixlet entries within a baseline. When I’m multiple baselines for patching our server farm there are approximately 8 different sets I have prepare. It would be much more convenient if I didn’t have to keep an eye out on duplicating entries.

(imported comment written by cstoneba)

I agree, that would be nice. The workaround I use is to put the following code in the BigFix Session Relevance Tester, change the baseline name in the code, and it will out put any duplicates.

(it, multiplicity of it) of unique values whose (multiplicity of it > 1) of names of components of component groups of bes fixlets whose (baseline flag of it and name of it = “<BASELINE_NAME>”)