Applicable Computer problem with DISA Windows 10 Checklist

We have been successfully using the DISA STIG Checklist for Windows 10 since early January this year. This week it seems that the Applicable Computer count has stopped functioning. For example, we have about 50 Windows 10 hosts online at any given time. The count changed to only 9 hosts, and it hasn’t changed. Despite IEM clearly seeing the 50 hosts. To compare the CIS Checklist for Windows 10 shows the correct number of Applicable Computer Count and the relevance is identical. (name of operating system = “Win10”)

I tested the relevance with an analysis and the Console correctly sees all online Windows 10 hosts.

So right now, the only custom site / Analysis that seems “broken” is the DISA STIG Checklist for Windows 10, can anyone help point me to some additional troubleshooting, besides relevance.