Apple Cert enrollment issues

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During the MDM set up process, I’ve gotten through the first step successfully and received a signed cert back from IBM. I’ve been following the instructions

. When I log into Apple’s push site and upload the signed IBM cert file, it immediately spits back a file containing the following instead of a certificate.

{“ExpirationDate”:“Feb 21, 2013”,“CertSN”:“4d51581667264a71”,“Vendor”:" IBM Global Engineering Solutions",“Service”:“Mobile Device Management”}

I was expecting to get a base64 file back. What do I do next?

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Hey Jon,

We’ve heard of people having this problem before when they use Internet Explorer to access Apple’s push certificate site. You may want to try using a different browser and see if you run into the same problem.


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Another note is that we are about to launch a redesigned process to make it much easier to create and deploy these Apple certs… Sorry for the process today. We know it is ugly and we do feel bad about it… it will be fixed soon…


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The Apple enrollment process does work in FireFox, but not in IE.

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How long does it typically take to get the signed cert back from IBM? I sent in the cert to two days ago and have not had any response.

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Hey Kevin,

You should get your license within a day or so… If you hit an issue, you can email the list and ask for status (or email me).