Any official doc to address duplicate computer caused by Citrix "Citrix Provisioning Services"?

Well, can I suggest a potential security measure? Maybe additional advanced system settings that not only enables/configures this level of ClientIdentityMatch functionality but also allows you to configure the approved subnets from which to accept such registration requests. For example:

  • ClientIdentityMatch=200
  • ClientIdentityMatchCriteria=UUID,hostname,IP Address,MAC Address
  • ClientIdentityMatchCIDR=,,

This way, it only allows the level 200 on requests coming from those subnets and for all others it treats it as ClientIdentityMatch=100

@JasonWalker - I used a tool called CredentialsFileView to view the credentials on my test PVS server. The credentials did not change after a restart. If you would like to work with me on my test environment, that would be great.

I performed several restarts on the PVS server yesterday and the Bigfix client ID did not change. I have no idea why I am not getting a new ID now.

As we are facing similar issue it would interesting to know if there is any progress on this topic?

Yes, on the endpoint there’s a Citrix service that actually does restore the machine identity correctly, but BESClient was starting before that restore was complete. Adding a startup delay to the BES Client of several minutes (I think they used 15 minutes in that case) appears to resolve it.


Thanks, Sounds good. We will give it a try.

We are still working to get it tested (just internal resource prioritization thing) but same was officially posted as KB article.

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I am still working with support on this issue. The workaround which is to save the Bigfix registry to a persistent drive and then restore it on restart of the PVS worker server, works until there is a promotion on a master server. Then all of the workers generate a new ID. However, if you re-install the Bigfix agent on the master after the promotion and before restarting the worker servers, the ID is not recreated. Of course, the master servers get a new ID. At least, we avoid 150+ worker servers getting a new ID. Additionally, once the workers start getting a new ID, it does not stop until the Bigfix agent is re-installed on the master.

It all makes absolutely no sense to me. Especially, when Crowdstrike has such a simple answer. You install the Crowdstrike agent with a parameter that says to use the host name as the ID. There is no overhead of a persistent partition, shutdown scripts, and startup scripts.

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Why do I keep hearing from people on the HCL Bigfix side, that no one else in the world is having the problem I am having with the regeneration of client IDs in the Citrix PVS environment? It sounds like from this thread that others are having the same problem.

I have also heard that no one uses Bigfix in the Citrix PVS environment. I do not use it for delivering updates, but I do use Bigfix Inventory to capture the hardware and software inventory. Bigfix Inventory is dependent on the Bigfix agent working correctly.

Not true, we have the same exact problem but we are just moving very slow towards resolution (in fact, we had done some calculations and because of it the size of our BFEnterprise database is 4 times bigger than what would be expected for environment of our size, so it is not just impact on managing these devices which is bad enough but clear implication on performance & stability of the environment). We have a positive testing on a few “clusters” but haven’t deployed it yet globally. Our Citrix team are migrating from PVS to MCS which as far as the problem is concerned is not making any difference and changing some of the other tooling around managing the devices, which is slowing things down significantly but it is certainly a problem and I am keeping an eye on your posts (much appreciated by the way!). That said, we haven’t seen the issue after promotion of the master server but it is possible that we just haven’t rolled out to large enough group to notice it.

The issue with promotion of the master only seems to happen in our production environment where there are two groups and therefore two masters. In our DR environment, we are not seeing the issue.

Yes, can confirm. We have the same problem; We had a case with HCL that was going on for months. In the end, we just gave up and now we do a manual cleaning everyday, but we have hundreds of duplications each day, all of them from our Citrix Environment.
Until we have a working solution or any documentation, we’ll be doing this manually.


Thank you so much for your response. I have been working on this issue for almost a year now.

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