All systems in OU moving to newly installed relay server

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We just install a new relay server downstream from a large location with its own relay server. This is has a slow link between the two location, we are seen many of the systems changing their relay servers to new server with the slower link. Is there a way to make sure that the systems choose the close or quickest relay servers?

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If they have auto selection, then the should optimize and select the closest relay. You can select it manually too.

Select the systems you want (in computers tab), right click, edit computer settings:

From here you can alter their selection method as well as manually selecting primary and secondary relay servers.

You may want to ensure that your relays (and intervening networks) permit ICMP for auto selection

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Relay Affiliation Maybe an option as well

Curious why your machines are picking the machines on a slower link. What is the hop count from your clients to the new and old relay?

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Note that we use ping to determine hop count, similar to running a trace route. The client will prefer relays with a lower hop count. We don’t take the delay/latency into account.