All computers showing <not reported> on all column unless clicked on

Under All content, My computers are all showing < not reported > for all machines… If I click a machine it will eventually pop up all the columns as long as its reachable.

In other sites such as System Lifecycles, only machines that populate correctly in All Content show up. So right now I only see about 135 machines in that site as well as patch management. I have around 3200 machines total.

Only change over the weekend was windows updates on the bigfix app server and not the database server.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I’d start by taking a look at your FillDB log for any suspicious entries. Ideally this log is fairly clean - especially if you restart that service. That log is located under .\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\FillDBData. I’d also have a look at the FillDB BufferDir folder (same folder location) to see if client reports are making it to the root server and being processed. Under normal operation, you should see files appear and disappear as they are processed by the FillDB service. There are other things to look at but this is a good starting point.

Hi, I am seeing some DB connection issues on sunday June 11, but the week of June 11th there weren’t any issues with the system. The only other entries are the FillDB Stop Requested etc friday night at 2am for a reboot. (server patching) and a reboot today after discovering the issue around 1pm.

The BufferDir folder is acting as you explained.

Another Item to add is the Bigfix webUI seems clean as all the computers are reporting there correctly.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Have you tried to clear the cache on the console and restart it?

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Looks like thats doing the trick. Probably will take some time for all the info to load from the DB. I have computer names again, other columns saying . I’ll give it some time and check back later.

Edit: Yep we are in the clear. Thanks everyone.

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