Aix clients hang

In my BIGFIX environment (9.2.6) I have both aix and redhat servers. Each day several random aix clients hang without any error in the log file. When I restart the client agent it starts to work again (till the next random hang).
How can I fix it?

What is the last thing you see in the client log when the hang occurs? Is it common across all the AIX clients?


I would recommend filing a PMR.

You might try downgrading the client installed on the AIX clients to see if that helps. There may be a new bug that is the cause of the issue.

No error on client log - only normal “GatherHash command received. No matching site”.
It’s on all AIX, started with the 8 agent, so downgrading won’t help.

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Are the affected systems running the latest client available? 9.2.x ?

So you are saying you’ve had this issue from v8 of the client up until now? How long has this been going on then?