Aix Advanced Deplyment Wizard


We have done Aix patching using Preview/Commit mode. Working fine.
But customer required multibos patching over all Aix.We are testing the same in TEST infra and facing challenges.

Aix 6100-04-03-1009, We want to patch using “AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard”. Followin steps as per wiki.
We are creating action using “Deploy Technology Level and Service Pack Fix Packs to a New Alternate Disk Clone”.
This wizard is creating task, when deploying this task over AIX endpoint. After few minutes we are getting action status .

We have seen in client logs, “Relevance Substitution Error”.

Anyone faced this information, Please provide your comments on this. It can be helpful for us.

Which deployment action was being used? Service Pack, Service Pack with the Technology Level, or NFS deployment?

Do you know what line of the action was reporting the relevance substitution error?

We are

using “Service Pack with the Technology Level”.

I have attached screenshot, please find.

A bug with one of the relevance statements used in the action script was discovered. The code is being corrected and tested now and the fix is expected to be made available tomorrow (Wednesday, March 25th).

The fix for this issue was published in version 412 of the Patches for AIX site.

Hi JCampbell,

After fix,Now we are moving forward. We’ll do test and hope this work.

May you please suggest, Is IEM support MULTIBOS (Cloning on same disk) patching on Aix.

I have not found any communication on it.

IEM does not currently support multibos. Support for cloned OS patching has only recently been introduced and at this time using an alternate disk is the only supported option.

Thanks for information, We are trying to achieve this using scripts.

Lets hope for the best :smile:

I hope to hear about any updates with your efforts. It is never too early to start thinking about the next round of enhancements to the Patches for AIX site.

Hi JCampbell,

Right now we are moving forward using “Alternate Disk Patching”. And after apply TL we have found the beloow things:

  1. Disk cloning is successfully done.
  2. Patching started over alternate disk.
  3. Patching failed due to missing base filset.
  4. Patching rolled back from alternate disk.
  5. Disk cloning also rolled back as previous state.

Can we skip the fileset on which dependecy is showing.

The Patches for AIX released content currently only supports deploying complete fix packs.

That being said, if you want to put a bit of extra work, you can use the “Fileset” option of the AIX Deployment Wizard to install a custom group of filesets. This can be done by either manually entering a list of the fileets you want to install into the wizard, or you can store the desired filesets into their own directory and select that directory as the source of the install files in the wizard.

This means I have to install the missing fileset. As per my discussion with Unix team.
They told us this missing fileset is necessary for internal disk, and we are using san disk. So don’t required us to install these two fileset.

and also these two fileset can’t be install as device is not exist on server. We are stuck on this point.

Current State Aix : 6100-04-03-1009
TL Deploying: 6100-06-06

I am patching server 04-06 this can be the issue, Should I go with 04-05 then 05-06.

Hi pawanworks,

Can you pls provide more information about the script that you use to do multibos patching?