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I upgrade bes to 7.0 and use Fixlet and distributed to all PC (2 computer - one server and one console) It take few minutes and on server i click BES client and login, EVERYTHINK is ok, but on console computer i can login, when i put the password and login there show up message “An error occurred while attempting to connet to the datebase: Datebase Error: The code page of this application (1250) does not match the code page of the datebase (949)” What i should do ?

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Hi Lukibest,

The console needs to be run on a machine with the same code page as the database. In 6.0 this was a requirement to avoid problems, but it was not specifically enforced by the system (you might have noticed some of the issues but it could lead to “invalid signature” errors or other issues).

In 7.0 we detect the mismatch and warn you up front so that you don’t get into mysterious issues.


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It sounds like your BES Console is running on a machine where the code page is set to 1250 (Central Europe), and is trying to connect to a database where the code page of the machine is 949 (Korean). In order to connect to the database, you’ll need to change the code page on the Console machine to Korean. You can do this on Windows XP by going to Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Advanced -> Language for non-Unicode programs, and choosing Korean in the dropdown.

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Yes…not comfortable solution for me but it works.