AD Credentials Authentication/Propagation

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Hey everyone,

I was wondering with the new version of the Platform API whether there was a new object like the Signing Keys object from previous versions. I am looking for a way to authenticate users with their AD credentials instead of the legacy .pvk credentials. Is there something like this in the newest version of the Platform API so I can hook into the Platform API to check credentials?

In our current development environment we have 8.2.1093 and I have Platform API version 8.2.1093. When I try and import an action (using besimportfile.exe) into TEM, using a user’s legacy .pvk credentials the action gets imported, but when I attempt to use the AD credentials of that user, the action does not get imported. So I guess my question would be, can users use their AD credentials to work with the Platform API and besimportfile.exe?

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Have you tried to create your own script which will contain following:

Set xmlimporter = CreateObject(“BESAPI.XMLImporter”)


I believe this should work without passing private key.



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Thanks Bhushan Chirmade, I am using this method now and it works :slight_smile: