Action stucks on "action signature verified for downloads"


I have a problem with one action on one PC, it stuck on “action signature verified for downloads”

The computer does not evaluate any new content. Reboot did not help. Help!

Can you provide some details on action:4975 and group:4973 ?

Did this action run successfully on any endpoints?

Hello jgstew,

sure, Action group installs 2 packages:

  • dependency (small package)
  • the main package (2GB) : action id 4975

The problem occurs only on one PC. It has been installed on other PCs without any problems.

I wonder if the problem is with the dependency, so the others skipped it, but this one is getting stuck running it.

Can you tell me what the dependency and main package are?


dependency : Audatex Auda Enterprise Gold 3.8.266
main package : Audatex UK Auda Enterprise Gold VehicleData 4.29.3.

I think it’s not related to the package, but it’s some kind of problem with IEM client it stuck on that line and it does not any new line in log…

You should definite open a PMR for this: How to ask for IBM product help: PMRs, RFEs, and more

Have you tried increasing cpu utilization on the client that’s having issues?

We’ve had some clients with issues downloading large files, they also stop writing data to the log file, and will not respond to a refresh. In our case the download is about .5GB and some clients will appear to be frozen for about 20 minutes.

I believe the client is working on calculating the hash value of that download, since we upgraded to 9.2.5, when they get to that state they ignore any other request. If you up the CPU constraints your clients should be able to calculate that hash value quicker.

See this thread and vote for my RFE.

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