Action Status with (of bes computers inspector)

(imported topic written by cstoneba)

how would I add a constraint to the following session relevance that would only display bes computers whose (value of results (bes property “123” , it) = “True”))

<?relevance concatenations of (item 0 of it & "%09" & item 1 of it & "%09" & item 2 of it & "%09" & item 3 of it & "%0d%0a" & item 4 of it & "%0d%0a") of ((if (exists name of computer of it) then (name of computer of it) else ("None")), (if (exists status of it) then (status of it as string) else ("None")), (if (exists detailed status of it) then (detailed status of it as string) else ("None")),(IDs of action of it as string) ,(if (exists names of actions of it) then ( names of actions of it as string) else ("None"))) of results of bes actions whose (state of it = "Open" AND name of it contains "blah" AND name of site of source fixlet of it = "CustomContent" ) ?>