Action script fails on extraction

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Ive got a custom task that continuously fails on extraction. Its a rather large file (1.4gb), but it seems to download fine and it passes the sha1 check as well as the file size check in the action script. Basically it gets all the way to the point of extraction and fails.

The action script is as follows

download http://pddcutil36:52311/Uploads/b047a92c932acedf3ad5006d6b39e6a41978b642/big663.tmp

continue if { (size of it = 1420240275 and sha1 of it = “b047a92c932acedf3ad5006d6b39e6a41978b642”) of file “big663.tmp” of folder “__Download”}

extract big663.tmp <— fails here

wait __Download\AutoCAD Map 3D 2008\setup.exe __Download\AutoCAD Map 3D 2008\AutoCAD Map 3D 2008 Plant Eng Install.ini

Looking at the __Download folder I can see the file when its downloaded but it fails at the same place every time. Any idea what might be wrong here?

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Is it possible the disk is getting full?


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The machine(s) that are trying to execute this job have over 60gb free. I dont think space is an issue. I tried doing the eMsg logging thing for a little more detail(10000). Most of the information in ther is useless, and the client only logs the following in regards to the extraction:

Thu, 24 Apr 2008 14:12:36 -0700: DebugMessage (Command failed (Unable to extract archive file.) extract big663.tmp (fixlet 96631))

Nothing else is logged. The tmp file extacts fine using the bfarchive tool, and I double checked the sha1 value with the qna tool. Everything checks out fine, just wont extract on any client.

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See topic (, I had same issue and I was able to find the root cause.