Action Regenerator failing with invalid key

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I am installing the Action Regenerator, and have it running. I can connect using the BESConsole using the ActionRegen account and have verified ODBC connectivity using the ActionRegen account as well. However when I run “ActionRegenerator.exe” I see the following in the log:

ActionRegenerator.log shows the following:

Fri Aug 22 10:36:11 2008: Running Script…

Fri Aug 22 10:36:11 2008: WARNING! Could not find the BES Server installed version key. The BES Server may not be installed correctly or at all.

Fri Aug 22 10:36:14 2008: ERROR: Couldn’t load Fixlet ID 4 from “BigFix AntiPest”… Maybe the FixletID is wrong?

My assumption is the error is caused by the Warning above it, so I’m am befuddled.

ActionRegen is NOT installed on the BES server, but rather on a BESCleint machine that does NOT have the BESConsole installed on it. The instructions at are unclear if the BESConsole is required on the ActionRegen machine. I’m asking for clarification on this point and any assistance regarding the error above.

many thanks.


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Follow up: I Have it working.

Short version:

You must have the BESConsole installed on the Action Regen Machine.

Long Version:

The documentation at is ambiguous, the requirements do not mention the BESConsole, yet in step 1 it states:

“The server should have the BES Client and BES Console installed on it.” By server, the documentation actually means the Host running the ActionRegenerator.

Furthermore, in step 5:

“If the BES Console is not installed on the computer, use the instructions here to set up a DSN.”

This infers you can run ActionRegen without the BESConsole installed locally, but mentions nothing about how to implement this method.

so…my question still stands. Can you run ActionRegen from a host that does not have the Console installed? If so, how?

thanks again.


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Hi Jr,

I think we’re going to need to update the tool, there seems to be some problems with it since upgrading to 7.1.

You do seem to be having problems getting it running without installing the BES Console, but once you get that part working it probably is still going to have problems.

To get it working without installing the BES Console, you need to create a DSN that connects to the BFEnterprise database on the main BES Server. The BES Console installer creates this DSN for you which is why we recommend installing the BES Console.

You can configure the tool to use whatever DSN you create using the ActionRegenerator.config file.

I’ll let you know when the tool has been updated too.


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I did have the DSN created correctly and still had problems until the console was installed.

I understand about the upgrade though. Please do let me know when the Action regen tool is updated.

…and thanks for the feedback.


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Hey jr,

So, it looks like the problem is in the server API code rather than the actionregenerator. There seems to be a bug where some of the users created in 7.0 might not be able to propagate through the API after upgrading. I reproduced your problem and found I could work around it by creating a new operator and using them instead.

Are you still having problems with the tool or not?

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No more problems currently, but this is excellent information.

I am still using version 7.0 in test and production and was completing a test installation of 7.0 when I ran into the issue. My solution was to install the BES console on the ActionRegen machine as mentioned.

You information, however, is much needed here because we are running a very large number of automated (Action Regenerated) actions. The Action Regeneration piece is critical to the success of the platform in our environment, so knowing about the Server API code and workaround before any upgrade is going to save us tons-o-time.

BTW…all of this was in preparation for an upgrade of the lab environment, so all of this is pertinent.

Are there plans to upgrade the API code to correct this, or will the official solution be the workaround?


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I posted an updated version of the BES Action Regenerator (v.1.11). It’s available on the link on the main site or here:

The BES Server API is the same but there is a new build of the actionRegenerator.exe tool with the following changes:

  1. Updated version checks to handle 7.1 to avoid warning messages.

  2. Improved error checking code for action creation failures. Sometimes actions would appear to be created successfully with abnormal ActionIDs when no action was actually created.

  3. Made actionid specification in the .config file work as expected (‘auto’ or specifying an ‘actionid’ work now). Config file example reflects this. Counter starts at 0 so existing config files should still work, the BES Console numbers actions starting at 1 though.

  4. Targeting Relevance is correctly set if the API is version 7.1, otherwise the Targeting relevance is put into the Fixlet Relevance field.

  5. Uses the ImportAction API call as the default instead of FixletActionCreator which has been depriciated. Made a config to use the old FixletActionCreator calls if needed.

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got it. thanks. One final Question:

As part of the upgrade path to 7.1, should the Action Regenerator be upgraded before or after servers and clients have been upgraded from I don’t want to assume on this one.

again, many thanks.


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The BES Server API needs to be upgraded immediately after upgrading the BES Server.

The Action Regenerator could be updated at anytime, the latest version should work with 7.0 and 7.1. So, you can either upgrade it now and it will just keep working after the server/api is upgraded or you can upgrade it along with the Server/API, either way should work.

The client version shouldn’t affect anything.