Action Permissions

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I am attempting to limit the “view/scope” of some of my operators to particular sites. I was able to do this with a role, however the operators cannot control each others actions.

If the user is a “Master Operator” they can control all actions, however that gives them rights to all sites. Is there a way for me to allow operators to control each others actions?


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I am not aware of a way to do this, and it would be useful for us if this could be done.

Currently in our environment operators have to contact the Master Operators to stop actions when needed.

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I agree it would be helpful to be able to grant non-master operators the ability to stop others actions.

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+1 on this

I think what would be great is that this could be assigned on a role so that all members of the same role would be able to manage each others actions.

My $0.02


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The admin model is pretty weak. This issue comes up often, but no action from IBM as yet. Things like what you mention and also things like not being able to prevent non-master operators from seeing (and actioning) system modifying tasks in BES Support without globally hiding them, etc. Pretty bad.