Action Execution Retry

I am looking at a bunch of actions that are failing. Here are the action execution parameters.


This action will never expire.

It will run at any time of day, on any day of the week.

If the action becomes relevant after it has successfully executed, the action will be periodically reapplied an unlimited number of times, waiting 30 minutes between reapplications.

If the action fails, it will not be retried.

My question is does the last line take precedence over the second line? In other words will it continue to run every 30 minutes or is it done after one failure. It appears from the results I am seeing that once the failure occurs, the action is done. It is not going to try again.

The third option only applies if the Action Succeeded. If the Action Fails, the client does not continue to evaluate the Action unless you specifically configure it that way.