9.5.3 Webui Cert and Documentation?

Not sure if I missed it, I have looked, but maybe not in the right places…
I had the Webui enabled in the 9.5.2 setup along with certs and it worked fairly well.

I have moved the webui using hte fixlets etc to a relay rather than the main server and its running but the certa are wrong and I the https:// crossed out with reg lines and the usual warning about the site not being safe and the option to proceed…

So… what is the process now to get a secure https login … There doesn’t seem to be any documentation for this new setup… I guess I have to get new Certs? We do have our own CA here at Tech…

Any hints would be appreciated.


I’ve took a quick look and found the following:

I did not use it yet, so… maybe test it first in your DEV environment if you have one.

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That task is for rotating the internal certs that are used to authenticate the WebUI by the RootServer. You should not need to use it unless you suspect your WebUI box has been compromised.

For SSL certs, as long as the server name is still the same (i.e. you’re using a DNS name to access the WebUI), then you can just move the certs to the same location on remote WebUI machine. Details about that location and cert file names are discussed here.