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Can someone explain when some clients could miss the UDP message? I need to determine if it is worth starting another server/relay/client upgrade to our BES deployment when I just started 8.2.1079 4 days ago.

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When will the full change list be available for this version?

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fullchangelist-82.txt must not be updated yet because there is no reference to 8.2.1093.

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= Changes between 8.2.1079 and 8.2.1093 =



  • Fixed an issue where relay selection could fail from ICMP loss on Windows 7 in rare situation. (45113)
  • Fixed an issue with Windows 2000 leaking handles (46475).
  • Fixed a race condition that would cause Clients to miss UDP messages if they were currently busy processing a previous request. (46527)
  • Fixed an issue with offers in the Client UI where the action links where not being displayed. (46629)
  • Fixed an issue with the Mac OS Lion (10.7) agent leaking memory when using the inspector. This does not affect the commonly used or inspectors. (46457)
  • Fixed an issue where the Mac Lion (10.7) Client UI could crash for Active Directory users. (46655)
  • Fixed an issue with the OS property reporting RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 for certain flavors of RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 Workstation. (46521)
  • Fixed an issue with the Solaris and AIX agent installs when using symbolic links for the installation directories. (46586 & 46625)


  • Fixed an issue with the CreateCustomSite call in the Wizard API where it would fail when reusing a sitename that was previously deleted. (46649)

Server and Relay

  • Fixed an issue with the Server and Relays that would cause them to crash if Dynamic Bandwidth Throttling was enabled. (46590)
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a master operator would result in the error message “class X509VerifyError<10>” if the master operator had assigned non-master operators to be the owner of a custom site. (44940)
  • Fixed an issue with the AIX relays where you could not assign one AIX relay to be the child of another AIX relay. (46593)