0x80070035 network path was not found - Deployment Tool


While trying to install IBM Client on my Windows 7 client machine, I get the following error:

0x80070035 network path was not found

the Admin$ and C$ are already enabled and I am already logged in as Administrator.
Here is a pic illustrating the error:

Right now I am just digging and exploring using a minimal architecture, but after a few days I will install on a live architecture with an important number of clients, any help would be appreciated.

Try to use the IP address instead of the HOSTNAME. If as you stated you have the $ADMIN and $C: shared, this seems to be a naming issue (Net bios over TCP) or some kind. If the IP as the target works, then we know this to be the case. The installer won’t care if you use Name or IP address and of course the agent once installed will report the host name.

Sorry, I was a dick, it is not a naming issue, the firewall was enabled in the client machine, so it is obvious I guess, adding an exception did the trick, Thanks for the help.

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Just to add to this. I see you are getting the “Access denied”. I had that occur for me but it was not what I would have expected. I have two user ids, one without admin access on servers and one with. I log on to my workstation with the non-admin and start the deploy tool. When prompted for my credentials, I use my admin account. In a list of say 20 servers, 5 might report back “Access Denied” and the rest would show whatever other status (as expected). If I closed the deploy tool and then use the run as and run it as my admin id, I would not get the access denied. Seems sort of odd as it should either work or not work. There is no difference between my access on one server vs another.

Maybe there is an explanation for this, but I have not bothered to look into it :smile: